Treat me the way you want to be treated.

Alright,if you feel in any how that I disrespect you or I talk to you with an attitude or let’s say I don’t treat you good. Hold up and reflect I need you to take a few ten steps back reflect and honestly be truthful okay. See how u treat and talk to me or the conduct that you use towards me. I am for the truth and I keep it real what you get is what you give alright.

You always have people say who and who does not treat me right. What led to that person not treating you the way you want?. Treat me the way you want to be treated period no debates nothing. If you want me to respect you ,you also got to respect me look respect is earned not given .I know a thing about respecting our elders regardless what,but here I am talking to my peers if you and I are ‘age mates’ respect me I respect you back .don’t want respect to be a one way thing . don’t make everything about you . we all at the end of the day human beings and we all seeking respect but don’t seek respect in the wrong way. My brother or sister I don’t have time to waste on someone who only thinks of themselves .Acknowledge that the way you want to be treated you must also treat another that way please we would be living better than always pointing fingers at each other and trying to find fault at what I don’t do right we all fall into errors there and there but the most thing is coming back humble ourselves and acknowledge that we were wrong and apologize if need be.

Let Us love for one another what you would love for yourself . let us be humble and treat each other with the outmost caring and loving behavior ,we are different I get that but let not our differences confuse us or be an excuse .our differences don’t matter we are all humans we breathe the same air we cry hurt and bleed the same, or is there anyone who cries blue tears ,breathe water instead of air somebody who bleeds gold blood ? No is the answer , let us get down from our high horses and live life in the most beautiful way and let’s stop blaming one another all I know is it takes two to tango you can’t dance alone agh.


My heart is for you mr .

When you aren’t by my side I don’t feel normal I feel as if a part of me has been broken or misplaced . you are my true love my only love story that I will never get tired of writing bring joy to me and without you sadness fills my heart . my only dearest person I will forever love you by the grace of God that He will bestow on my living days . my heart is only for you Mr ,and forever ever ever ever ever Ameen . ami tumake onek onek bilo beshe .God bless our love with lots of beautiful blessings.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌸🌹🌹🌸🌹🌹🌸🌸🌹🌹🌹🌹🌸🌹🌹🌸🌹🌸🌹🌸🌹 .

Chasing dreams and rejecting marriage

Okay here is a story whereby I think it has a lot to teach but it’s only a few that can understand it .the story is about two youth whom are in their final year at varsity and they looking forward to life they have big dreams but only one has dreams but before them he wants to settle down get married but still persuade their Dreams and the other is so focused on making her dreams come true other things are a distraction to her. Okay without further time wasting here is the story in detail.

King : hi star how are I believe we have known each other for long now right ?

Star: oh yes king we have been engaged for too long but I am not complaining I have been meaning to talk to you but couldn’t find the right time to you talk first as you want to say something.

King : star I know we don’t know where the future might take us but all I know is I want you in it I have talked with both my parents and they agree that its the right time to get married for we are left with few months at varsity.

Star: woah wait stop it right here so since when your parents get to decide about us ? And my answer is I can’t go on with this engagement I am way to young for this and I want to follow my dream of becoming a very big successful business woman but with you in the picture I can’t but I have to stop seeing you and I am sorry its not you but me .

King : what are you okay why all of the sudden you think I am not right for you don’t I want a successful future too? So do you think I will deprive you from reaching your dream? I don’t know what to say

Star : nothing just shut your mouth and take your filthy ring (with an attitude)

King: star wait I can’t take the ring back keep it as I won’t force you to love me but just in case you do remember me know that ring symbolize my love for you I love you and can’t make you love me if you don’t want ookay i release you dear go be great and a big shot . ( with a sad voice and a tear in his cheek)

They both graduated and went to different places seeking employment king had to travel to Egypt where a friend told him about the job opportunities stayed back home and she did not get any job finally she got a job but as a cashier in a local grocery store . 10 years later they meet again but different .

King was now married had kids a big shot and a doctor for that matter he owned multiple stores and he decided to come home and buy shares at a local grocery store at home for his mom and dad who raised him, just for a token of appreciation.

King : honey we are here my birth place my lovely country this is Mom destiny the woman who never gave up on me and my lovely dad blessing .

King parents welcomed king new family with lovely and warm hearts.king told his parents he had bought a grocery store for them here just to say thank them for all they had done in his life.

King : honey let’s go also shop for a few items you might need .

King wife : okay ready when you are dear .

They went to the grocery shop not knowing star is working there to king surprise he was so amazed to see star who was so bright and excited about being a big shot in a Grocery shop as a cashier and just not herself at all.

Star : hi sir and mam hope you had a lovely time in our store

King : oh my God star!

Star : king what brings you here oh my I am so glad I have seen you ,you look nice and you have became a handsome looking gentleman

King wife: mmm( clears her throat) and dear he is my husband so please help us we need to get going our kids are waiting for us.

Star: king you are married with kids too!! (a tear in her eye.)

King : yeah dear I found the one who was ready to settle as you wanted nothing to do with me I had to move on ..and yes I got a FAM now and a lovely wife

Star : done here is your groceries have a lovely stay here glad to know you are happy .

Upon king and his wife going she cries silently and asks to go home as she claims she has a stomach bug .

The next day ..

King : good morning ladies and gentleman a lot of you know me but let me introduce myself again I am king gray and I now own this store but i bought it for my mom and dad so I will be going back to Africa for my transfer to this side and my lovely wife here will be the one attending to you all as your new manager.

Star: oh my God what have I done in a blink of an eye king is a Dr and now he is the new owner for this store I can’t work here what !!I decided to chase my dream but it never came true and his bloody wife seems to be educated too what a loss what a loss! As she thinks in her mind .

King wife : star can I talk to my husband went back to Africa so I don’t know anyone here so do you mind if I ask you to be my friend

Star: what is this boss Lady so that you can gloat about my king whom married you look I am not interested

King wife : star I don’t want nothing like that , I thought maybe since you knew king family and everything here it was better if I became friends with you but seeing that you are bitter forget what I said and I don’t mind that king almost married you all that matters is I am his wife now so hurry along get back to Work

Star had a lot of regrets and in the end she decided to leave work and just live far away from king because that’s when she realised she loved him but it was too late she lost and she is to blame for it she was stressed a lot after she left her job so she went by having deep thoughts in her mind looking at the ring king gave her on their engagement on the way to a local library and booooom a car hit her and there she laid on the scene what was once a very big dreamer laid on the floor blood just covered on her body😭😭😭😭🌹..and she died.

Lesson here sometimes its not good to dream and chase your loved ones or even think think less of them we all dreamers we study but sometimes we never get the jobs we studied for so all we will have is regrets and pain if we see those we looked down on being successful . # dreaming is good but not in an extend that you hurt your loved ones down your way to success. # life will always amaze you and no one can ever change their fate be educated or not if a thing was meant for you it will come if not then you won’t get it .

God bless and guide you all🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Stay with me through storms and tornadoes

I want you to stay with me . love me the same as we were happy .I want you to still say those sweet loving words you used to say when we got everything we needed. I want you to still give me that glowing smile and tell me that we are okay .I want you to stay with me through storms and tornadoes .you used to say I am your ride or die now its time to prove those words for I have nothing on my name I lost everything I worked hard for I am back to square one. But when I got you I know I got everything I need for I find that I am more resourceful when you are around . you make my world stunningly beautiful . your love is what keeps me going. I know I will get back on my feet soon but I can’t afford to lose my precious diamond which is you .I love you forever and you make feel complete yeah I am crazy in love with you. Stay with me through storms and tornadoes hold my hand and walk with me in this trying days make me feel that nothing else matters but only us . yeah I want you in my life even when we don’t have a cent in our pockets we will make it only if we work hard and still be united . my dearly beloved person I adore you and don’t want to lose you.πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉ

At many times we see partners loving one another and we would be like ncwooh they so cuuute they so in love . they got everything right ,yep they sure do but have we thought about what happens when everything turns to nothing. When all fortunes in a blink of an eye disappear just like that gone .at this stage our love is being tried where one of us can say you know I am done I can’t stay here anymore its not the same I want more I want our life where we had everything so we can’t have it back so its over between us. Ooh sorry , but you know there are those who stays through the storms the hurricanes the whatever you name it because they got true love they aren’t after status material things or after money. True love is what they are after ,nothing can beat true love I hope we all be blessed with such love πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ’•. God bless you all .

Being me

You know the most thing I love about myself is that I am myself I don’t live according to a friend or maybe a family description of how I should be . I am being me . most I always say its either you love me this way or leave me alone .I don’t dream to be someone else or in someone else shoes .Ah ah nope I am good this way .I live life for me because at the end of the day I was born alone I will die alone .

I know I get a lot of people that says I am uptight boring and so on but well I am pleased with myself. I am being me in a world where there is a lot of illusions and all bad distraction where you are told how to look whereby when you don’t look beautiful you are seen less of a human by those who think they are beautiful they mock others who aren’t beautiful, but hey you know what? their mockery is on them while they know not for it was God who created us in different looks ,so if you say you are a believer regardless of your religion be it Christians hindu ,Catholic, Muslims etc but yet you dare mock the creation of your Lord? .I find that very disturbing and funny at the same time all you have to do is appreciate the bounties that God has blessed you with. A simple glory be to God for my beauty ,health, wealth , and shelter would make us more humble . people we need to understand that not everybody is blessed like you .

I am being me and I am in love with the person I have grown to be . if you don’t like me that’s on you I couldn’t care less of what you think of me . All I know is that I try by all means to accept others the way they are and I am always happy that’s me.

Happiness lives within me no matter the circumstances. I always say this to my hubby you know you need to always smile you don’t know that simple smile what it does to the next person and getting angry yoh its so not me I just maybe get mad for few minutes after I am back at my jolly mood . life is happiness let’s enjoy it before we return to our maker and I mean enjoying in a way that also pleases God .

The past

Never live your life focused on the past ,it does not reflect you anymore you focus on today on the new you, a brand new day to change, a brand new day to be better than yesterday .Don’t let yesterday determine your future don’t let it ruin or destroy you . we all have a past but we not letting it destroy our today .the past is the past just let it go move on and try by all means to be a better person and don’t live your life with regrets that always narrow yourself and think less about you . you are lovely and have a great chance to change. Let us be thankful to our creator for each day, second , minute and hour that he has given us and only strive to please Him not his creation .πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ’—

Always getting burned.

You know some friends can’t appreciate that you care and love them they always think you are out to get them or always judging them .that’s not the case if you dearly love your friend I think you will try to always warn them about certain dangers . but to them it’s like you are too judgemental or you think you are perfect.

I wouldn’t be a good friend if I don’t tell you the truth . I wouldn’t be a good friend if I don’t advice you . so if you feel my being very careful of your well being is not cool then I think we have anything in common . I won’t tell you to go climb the mountain while I know what might happen to you . aggh some friends wants you to always side with them and never criticize .

Point of our friendship is what if we aren’t honest with each other. I value honesty too Much so if you don’t I rather not have friends please I am good.

When I try to tell you this I always get burned I always think I am better , I think life is how I see it what is that. Aik I give up


Eey there is this thing I’d like to talk about and it just annoys me and it seems like no body is worried in fact its something that is likeable and seen as an excuse . CHEATING you know I am not only talking about cheating whereby you have an affair with someone when you have a spouse . I am looking at cheating at large .okay let me break it down for you so you get me ,1 cheating your way through exams well this ones students are fond of it they always copy instead of reading going extra miles to understand their education ,they are so lazy and they think cheating or copying its right its not as you get used to its like you don’t value your future that’s just it . they say nwe nwe nwe I will read next time or I cheated because the exam was hard .oh child !who said everything is easy who said everything should be given to you on a sliver platter? Hey I wonder do you know the results of what you doing .

Okay number 2 people cheating their way through the system to get jobs . aik I don’t know what’s wrong with us but it’s not okay ? There is so many people sending in their CVS to apply for the job and most of all they got qualification but yet those hiring would rather take a random somebody willing to pay an extra fee to get a job well do you know the kind of person you are hiring what are they capable of aik .this world is so confused with side hustle and corruption .you be acting surprised at meeting when your chosen candidates that paid you to get a job start speaking engrish instead of English .

Number 3 well this one is mmh !😷 makes me sick and feel like its a disease spreading every day . okay let me stop speaking in riddles. I am talking about politicians . yaaaas this people they are the most corrupted people I know. They use bribery to get tenders ,u know what they can pay any amount just to fill up their pockets even forgetting the people who put them in power this are so messed up people that keep on destroying the world . yoh I could write a book about politicians and it will never end they are always involved In never ending scandals of bribing their way up aik . the funny part is these people they never learn they are so dumb and think they are clever they never cover their tricks right . A lot of them are being exposed this should be a warning to others but nah nah it isn’t its like they say aagh he did not cover his tricks well that’s why he got exposed . well no secret stays in the closet forever know that . politician are the most cheaters I know shame. anyone volunteer to expose them ? And the show will be called cheaters in the flesh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚aik okay let me stop joking.

Number 4 well I have said my all Right ,not at all another one is drum roll please……… this one okay its not mostly likely to happen but it happens you know couples who can’t have kids they have this tendency of conspiring with nurses by buying new born babies from hospital like as in stealing someone child and claim they are dead or something has happen to their child .Oh Lord the trauma people put others in is unbearable this is just cheating at its level best. denying the biological parents to raise their own kids just because you too wanted a bundle of joy . oh you are sick to the core . you need strong prayers really .let us think of our actions you guys before we do anything, something’s are shaming and destroys life .

Last but not least yes you guessed it right cheating being disloyal giving what is not meant to be given to the next person .well giving what your momma gave you in a wrong way . I am talking about hey partners who are busy sleeping around with whom their right hand does not thing is cheating in your marriage or relationship is never the answer to anything. Yoh some people can tell you they cheat just for the fun of it they can’t be having same menu as in everyday . well I say you can have same menu every day there are so many style to cook right you can deep fry or put some salads spices hey have desert sometimes you know hope you get what am trying to sayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Others make excuses like my partner is not good in bed mxm that’s so lame you are so messed up and need help really . you claimed you love that spouse of yours .aik people be messing really bad with other people emotions and their self worth really . you cheating makes the other person feel betrayed and not worth it their self esteem goes down . well I am here to say if you have been cheated on there is nothing wrong with you the problem lies with the one who cheated on you. be it you are a man or woman you are the best you are magnificent know that don’t let cheaters make you fell less of a human know that God loves you more than anything that claims to love you .

Material love

Yeeeees this one topic I picked today it hits near to home . if I could delete one thing from the world what would it be? Well material love that I would be honoured to erase for my God we are suffering in this world because of status and fame . we go through all sorts of measures just to be seen or noticed . we want to roll with high rollers mxm to hell with status . just so you know where I am going with this there is this one specific attitude I hate about women who think they can marry into a rich family and boooom they will be sorted .mxm πŸ™‡πŸ™‡ you wish!! for what you are doing is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Did we get so lazy that we don’t want to go through struggle in our way of going up? Do we not value our selves that much that we think man are our escape from poverty or an unsuccessful life? Well all I know is that there will come a time whereby that same man gets tired of you and actually wants some one who can contribute in generating income . you will hear him saying do you enjoy asking money that you never worked for? I am getting tired of this. ladies let us learn to go to school empower ourselves and become the rulers of our own future not by sleeping your way through success .

Its okay not all of us were meant to succeed in life not all of us were meant to be parents not all of us were meant to experience the love of our parents or rather mothers from birth All is in the hands of God if we learn to reflect and think is this what God placed me here on earth, to just take short cuts .is God proud of me? its never to late to repent and God does love those who reflect and leave their wrong doings.

Material love has killed many . where I live there was once a man who used to drive around with his big cars and think he only targeted what ? Mmh you guessed right ladies for hey we ladies can be forward and walk in to danger without knowing . well back to the guy with big cars that guy would just date you and makes sure he sleeps with you and before they say he would spent for you ,you will feel like a princess .well after sleeping with you he gave his lady victims R10000 that time this money was a lot and after he would say buy yourself a coffin and in the meanwhile buy livers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ as in chicken livers and put in your private part for I have a worm disease so whoever I sleep with gets it’s and will die .would you look at that material love and money love a lot of girls died at the hands of Mr worms. A song was even created I don’t remember the guy who sang it as I am not a follower of music but the song was I don’t want navara (car name he was using most) I am afraid of worms .

Another thing is I pretend to love a man all because of his pocket and some man fall into trap they love until they get married well you know we age time comes for retirement and you get your money and eventually they finish well well look at what the cat dragged in ? My wife’s attitude real attitude comes out and there is a lot of fights and disloyalty here happening because my dear husband I never loved you I loved your benefits nothing Else. May God forgive and save us . innocent man out there they are being used all in the name of I love you .

Let us be wise enough to appreciate what we are and what we have we are not going to be on this earth forever will all the luxuries mean anything in your grave will they make a difference when you meet your creator ? Only those who used their riches in a right way Will be saved those who gave back to the community looked after orphans and etc are on the right way..

Its not only woman though who can do crazy things for materials or luxuries I don’t want to get started on them, as my topic was an awareness to women and its not all of them who are like this but a lot trust me would even jump in the hands of a gorilla because it has money on its hands.

Let money not change us into being arrogant human beings .🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹